The Religious Lie

How many times, someone told you that you have to respect the religious beliefs of another person? When someone told you that, how many times you thought to yourself, “why do I have to respect a belief that they can’t prove if it is true or a lie?” Also, have you asked that person, “if your religion is true and the god of it is powerful, why do you have to defend it?”

We as a society, are too worried about offending people’s beliefs. If you look at the word “BELIEF”, the third, fourth and fifth letter spells out LIE. That would mean, you would have to believe in the LIE that you were told. In all of these religions, not one time did any deity of the so-called belief system, ever proved itself to the believers of the said religion.

When I was younger, I actually believed what the preacher said about Heaven and Hell. I was convinced that these were actual places that were real. I hear about the near-death experiences that people went through. They described Heaven and Hell as more of a vague description, however to me, it seemed that it changed their lives.

When I prayed, I thought I was hearing God's voice, telling me that everything will be alright. When I got older, my third eye opened. Everything I thought was true, turned out to be a lie. That wasn’t God’s voice, it was mine. Not one prayer was ever answered. Also, not one time did anyone ever rose from the dead. Nor did one amputee ever get their limbs back.

I woke my dumbass up. The very God I believed in, was me all along. The prayers I said, I answered them myself. The cross that has this so-called Christ on it, Christians wear it as a symbol of their savior. However, it isn’t anything but a torture device that the Romans have used on many people. What makes this space cadet called Jesus so special. According to the storybook of prophets, priests, and mythical creatures. Mary the so-called “mother of the savior”, had to get pregnant with God’s son but “He” created humans out of dirt and a rib. That would mean, that this god is weak and incapable of doing anything without human help.

I’m saying that the next time someone tells you to respect their belief system. Let them know that if there’s no explanation, then it must be your imagination. Also, tell them that if religion is true, then it would be called knowledge, not a belief system.



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Terry Olandis Byas

I'm a writer of cannabis, spirituality and philosophy. I'm also the host of a podcast The "BLUNT" Truth.